Reciprocal Clubs



  1. A Reciprocating Club Member shall follow all Club Rules, Bye-Laws and Racing Rules of the Club (as amended from time to time).
  2. A Reciprocating Member has all rights and privileges of a member of the Karachi Yacht Club, save the right to vote or serve as an Officer of the Club or on any committees and the right to propose or second a candidate for election to the Club.
  3. Without written permission of the Honorary Secretary and Commodore of the Club,Reciprocating Members shall not be allowed to entertain any guests who are not the members of the Club, except members of his/her immediate family.
  4. A Reciprocating Member shall pay his/her bill in cash prior to his departure from the Club.
  5. A Reciprocating Member does not need to pay any Entrance Fee or Subscription of the Club. He is, however, liable to pay Race Fees and other charges based on his usage of the respective charged facilities/services, as would be paid by regular Club members.
  6. The Club’s Managing Committee shall have the power of annulling the privileges of a Reciprocating Member, should they see cause to do so.
  7. Club is not responsible for property left by a Reciprocating Member on the Club premises.
  8. An original Letter of Introduction from the Reciprocating Club is required, addressed to the Club’s Honorary Secretary to state that the respective Reciprocating Member is in good standing and wishes to use the Club’s facilities. Such letter should preferably include theReciprocating Member’s signature and names of any accompanying family member.
  9. Reciprocating Member will need to present the original Letter of Introduction and membership card (if issued by Reciprocating Club) upon arrival at the Club.
  10. A Letter of Introduction is valid for a one time usage from the date of issue. Multiple dates may be mentioned on one Introduction Letter.
  11. These terms & conditions may be amended by the Club without notice.