MANAGING COMMITTEE (MC) RESPONSIBILITIES include, but are not limited to the following:

(note: responsibilities may be interchanged between Members depending upon the circumstances of the day)
  1. Hon. Secretary:

    • Issue Notice of & maintain Minutes of General Body Meetings
    • Issue Notice of & maintain Minutes of Managing Committee Meeting
    • Club Rules — Enforce observance of & update Club Rules Book
    • Club Bye-laws – update, notify and enforce
    • Compliance with legal requirements (as necessary), litigation if necessary
    • Public Relations: – K.P.T., Coast Guards, Harbour Police, Navy, MSA
    • Newsletter & Notices — prepare & circulate
    • Control over Guests at the Club
    • Permission to hold private parties by members
    • Security at the Club – Chowkidars
    • Control over all aspects of Club Office
    • Direct control over Club Manager/Supervisor (where applicable) – latter report directly to Hon. Secretary – and through him all Club staff.
    • Indirect relationship (through Honorary Treasurer) with Club Accountant
    • Handles directly all disciplinary actions of staff
    • Maintain register of Boat Owners
    • Rules for pool usage
  2. Hon. Treasurer:

    • Monthly accounts to be presented to the Managing Committee (P&L, Balance sheet, etc)
    • Supervision of books of accounts maintained at the Club Office
    • General ledger & subsidiary accounts
    • Members accounts
    • Follow up overdue accounts
    • Investment policy & instructions
    • Banking related matters
    • Reports to Managing Committee
    • Annual Audit
    • Presentation of half yearly & annual accounts at General Body Meetings
    • Review & analysis of costs incurred as a basis for charges levied by the club for food,
      beverages, parties, functions. Launch service, hard rent, subscriptions etc.
    • Special budgets for projects & tracking costs incurred
    • Taxation & tax returns
    • Direct control over Club Accountant – latter reports directly to Treasurer
      Bank signatory cards & Resolution
    • All banking related matters
    • Control over cheques signing/authorisations
  3. Hon. Sailing Secretary: (Sub-Committee)

    • Racing & Cruising program for the year.
    • Appoint DOSCs & ODDs
    • Club Sailing & Racing Rules – update & notify to conform to ISAF and local
    • Monthly Race schedule
    • Race Courses
    • Race Results
    • Special events – Coast Guard Trophy, Tindals Race, Bunder Boat Race
    • Protest Committee
    • Sail Training Classes
    • Handicap Committee –Liaise with in order to update Handicap Lists
    • Updates & coordinates Boat register (in conjunction with Captain of Boats, where required)
    • Kids races
  4. Captain of Boats: (Sub-Committee)

    • Maintain & update inventory of Boat Owners (in conjunction with Honorary
    • Management of Tindals, no. of Tindals, wages, leave, working hrs, recruitment & training , uniforms through Club Manager – & Honorary Secretary, where necessary.
    • Allocation of members’ boats to tindals.
    • Duties & responsibilities of Tindals – through Club Manager.
    • Rescue arrangements.
    • Rescue boats and engines – equipment, maintenance & repair (in conjunction with Honorary Secretary Repairs & Maintenance, when necessary) – through Club Manager.
    • Training of Tindals in Rescue procedures.
    • Select & notify Tindals reserved for rescue boats’ operation – through Club Manager.
    • Club boats upkeep, maintenance & repair.
    • Buoyancy testing twice a year.
    • Maintenance, repair & rigging.
    • Marker buoys, weights, ropes, anchors.
    • Launch Service.
    • Contract rates and schedule.
    • Launch appearance & cleanliness.
    • Control over number of persons on launch.
    • Alternate launch services.
  5. Catering: (Sub-Committee)

    • For kitchen contractor & bar staff (wages, salaries, working hours, uniforms – through Honorary Secretary where necessary)
    • Equipment, kitchen hygiene and cleanliness
    • Menus & no. of lunches to cater
    • Crockery, cutlery, linen, tables & chairs
    • Ice & Ice-cream & snacks
    • Parties catering Cruise barbecues
  6. Entertainment

    • Club evenings & Club Balls
  7. Repairs & Maintenance:

    • Club House (incl. Changing Rooms & Kitchen)
    • Painting & repairing walls, flooring, terraces & decks, compound walls
    • Generator maintenance, Electric wiring, Light fittings
    • Water heaters, Plumbing repairs for bathrooms & kitchen
    • Furniture & fittings
    • Cleaning of Club House, Kitchen, Bathrooms, Compound – Sweeper
    • Landing Jetty
    • Cleaning, repainting & repair of steps, railings, etc
    • Dredging
    • Boat parking hard – repairs & extension
    • Tindals Locker Room—Repair, cleanliness,
    • Water Supply—-Arrangements for water barge, rates
    • Swimming Pool
    • Supervision of the Pool Attendant
    • Water quality; cleaning, filters, pumps, chlorination; PH & Bacteria checks
    • Make-up water supply
    • Pool side furniture
    • Contract rates and schedule (with Honorary Treasurer)
    • Emergency medical supplies & equipment at the Club House
  8. Membership:

    • Maintain Register of Members and update Lists
    • Membership Applications
    • Initial scrutiny by Managing Committee
    • Formal application
    • Introductions
    • Invitation to use Club pending balloting
    • Maintain the file of Applications & Balloting results
    • Revisions in procedure by Managing Committee
    • Balloting
    • Distribute introductory pamphlet
    • Cadet members
  9. Trophies & Marine Stores:

    1. Trophies

      • Maintain Register of Trophies
      • Physical verification of Trophies
      • Ensure Trophies are available for distribution on the Race day
      • Ensure Trophies are returned by due date
      • Repair & polishing of Trophies
    2. Marine Stores

      • Ensure that essential dinghy spares. Spars, ropes, s.s. wire for standing rigging is Available Check that the lists of marine stores is maintained & updated regularly
  10. Website and Newsletter:

    • Update website on monthly basis with the results of races, winners of trophies,
      cruises, club evenings etc.
    • Produce newsletter on monthly basis and circulate it among members through
      email and update it on the website
    • Liaison with international sailing clubs and organizations.